Top Tips When Buying A Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are perfect for motorsport enthusiasts who enjoy riding in offroad conditions or participating in dirt races. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations you should make when buying a dirt bike. 

Buying a New Bike

Choose a bike that suits your needs. Motocross bikes are designed to handle offroad terrain. They have advanced suspension to increase your comfort as you make jumps. However, these bikes are not road-legal. If you want to use your dirt-bike on the road, go for a dual-sport motorcycle. The bike should be suitable for your height. First-time buyers could opt for bikes with small engine displacement. They should consider an upgrade once they learn how to ride.  

Compare prices from reputable dealers in your locality. Other than the purchase price, look out for after-sales services such as warranties, free insurance, transport and servicing. Some dealers may also organise financing if you have a good credit score and stable income.

Buying a Used Bike

Below are tips to help you choose a used bike:

Used Versus Refurbished

Refurbished bikes are used bikes that have had their major components replaced or rebuilt. For instance, you may find a bike with a new engine and gearbox. Some refurbished bikes may have upgrades such as enhanced suspension, high-quality reeds to improve the airflow, dampers to enhance the steering and high-quality brake pads.  

Inspecting The Used Bike

Ask for a pre-purchase inspection report if you have not dealt with dirt bikes in the past. Besides, tell the owner to provide the service and maintenance records. Conduct some due diligence to ascertain that the bike is registered in the owner's name. Other considerations to make include; 

  • The bike's controls and electrical components should be fully functional. These include the lights, instrument cluster and horn.
  • The wheels and rims should not have any wobble or dents. Besides, the tires should be in good condition.
  • Remove the air filter. The engine could have contaminants if you find dirt inside the air boot.
  • Thoroughly inspect the bike's body for signs of dents and rust. Bikes with a welded frame may have been involved in serious accidents.
  • Take the bike on a test ride. The brakes, acceleration and clutch should be fully functional. Check the engine for strange sounds and poor performance.

When buying a dirt bike, including Honda dirt bikes, choose a suitable bike, work with reputable dealers, consider refurbished bikes and observe the recommended inspection tips when buying used bikes. 

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