Want to Upgrade Your Bike? Focus on the Suspension First

If you want to get some true performance out of your bike or intend to take part in any weekend competition, you will want to upgrade some of the parts as soon as possible. While most people will think about power first and consider engine mods so that they can go much faster, you should look at the suspension before you do anything else. After all, you're likely to get immediate improvement here once you've dialled everything in and can think about those extra mods next. What do you need to know about this approach?

Moving Away From the Average

A standard suspension system is built for the average consumer and will quickly become overwhelmed during any competition or serious ride. You should be looking for a system that makes the ride a lot smoother through the corners and whenever you encounter an unexpected bump. Above all, you will need to ensure that your new system does not come close to full compression at any time.

Adjusting and Fine-Tuning

Most standard suspension systems are not adjustable, but an upgrade will give you that capacity so that you can fine-tune once everything has been installed. Indeed, some of the best systems in the marketplace have a range of different settings to allow for low- or high-speed compression and even the shape associated with the damping curve. It's fair to say that when you enter the professional suspension market, you will be dealing with an entirely different approach.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Professional suppliers will take a completely different approach to the standard damper by focusing on pressure differentials instead, thus allowing for a far more responsive solution. The absorber will be designed so that the oil within the reservoir is more effectively cooled, leading to less tail-off in performance, more consistency and enhanced durability.

Onto the Brakes

Once you have taken care of your suspension, upgrade the brakes and ancillaries before you think about adding extra power. Always remember, safety is paramount and must be considered at every stage of the operation.

Getting Advice From Your Supplier

It pays to take a very close look at the options available for your type of bike and with your weekend aspirations in mind. There are many different products in the aftermarket so you should talk your needs through carefully with your part supplier. They will be able to kit you out with a brand-new suspension system to give you a solid base for your competition future.

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