Top Tips When Buying Your First Motorbike

Owning your first motorbike can be a thrilling experience. However, you have to make numerous considerations when deciding which bike serves you best. In most cases, a rushed decision often leads to disappointment since you might not be pleased with your choice. So, what should you examine when purchasing your first bike? Below are some tips. 

Riding Expertise 

As a first-time bike owner, you may not be an experienced rider. In this case, consider models that are easy to ride. As you become a seasoned rider, you could upgrade to more sophisticated bikes. For instance, suppose you do not have a motorcycle licence, the Australian law compels you to purchase bikes accredited by the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS). In contrast, if you have a licence but are not confident with your riding skills, you should consider bikes with a lower engine capacity, automatic or semi-automatic transmissions, and low power to weight ratio. These motorcycles are easy to ride and will help build your confidence and riding skills. 

If you are a seasoned rider, you should consider bikes designed to suit your needs. For instance, touring motorbikes are your best partner for long-distance trips. Conversely, sports bikes are designed to attain top speeds within seconds. They could be used for daily riding or on the track. If you regularly ride on off-road terrain, you could opt for dirt bikes or dual-sport motorbikes. However, it is vital to note that conventional dirt bikes cannot be used on the roads since they do not have mirrors and lights.   

Bike Model

This guideline should help you choose a bike model; 

  • Assess the model's durability by interviewing your mechanic or people who own the motorcycle. Your assessment will help you determine the bike's longevity and the problems it is likely to develop over time.
  • Examine the features of the bike. For instance, is it comfortable? Does it come with modern accessories such as disk brakes and a digital speedometer? Does it have safety features such as rear-lift prevention?
  • What is the bike's fuel consumption? Motorbikes with lower fuel consumption are cheap to maintain and environmentally friendly.
  • Is it possible to upgrade the bike? For example, you might want to tune the engine and install performance parts to increase the bike's power and handling. 


Going for the cheapest bike on sale might not be a wise move. Ideally, you should assess the bike's demand to establish its depreciation rate and how easy it is to sell the bike. Remember, you might need to sell the bike after a few years. Most motorcycle dealers will give discounts. However, you could save more if you ask for free insurance, shipping, and maintenance. 

Make sure to do some beneficial research before purchasing a motorbike, such as a Honda motorcycle.

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